Infinitely Better
Our goal is to make progress towards a society where governments, businesses and individuals can become infinitely better by embracing sustainability, fairness and long-term thinking.
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What is infinitely better?

We believe that a commitment to becoming infinitely better requires a fundamentally different way of thinking than simply trying to achieve short-term gains. Instead, this infinite goal requires companies, governments and individuals to embrace sustainability, long-term thinking and mutually beneficial partnerships.

We want to build a community passionate about figuring out what better really means and how to make progress towards this infinite goal.

Infinite Goal

Our infinite goals mean that our mission is never complete, as to be better is a continual journey of adjustments and improvements.

Not for Profit

We are community dedicated to encouraging explorations of what better means. We invest all income and donations towards this goal to create resources and spread the word.

Open to All

Anyone can make progress towards this goal in their organisations or personal lives. We encourage participation in this community to share ideas and build collaborations.


We are working to highlight people's experiences in progressing towards infinite goals.

Infinite Businesses

Infinite goals for businesses focus on how their core activities can benefit key stakeholders and especially their community and customers. Concrete investments in sustainability are essential to ensure future opportunities.

Infinite Individuals

Working out how to be better is challenging, especially when it requires navigating a dizzying array of trends and marketing messages. Effective approaches include running personal experiments, tracking data and metrics (as part of a quantified-self) and using tools to promote self-balance.

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